Tandem & Solo Skydiving from Mission Beach

Adults from $354

A breathtaking skydive above the beautiful sights of Mission Beach

Enjoy the thrill of a tandem skydive or do a solo skydive course. No experience is necessary! A professional team of highly experienced instructors will guide you through the steps of your jump. Once you reach your jump height your instructor will guide you to the plane’s exit ready for your launch. If you jump from a height of 15,000 feet you can reach speeds of up to 220km/hr. You will experience an approximately 60 seconds of freefall before your parachute deploys at 5,000 feet - which gives you plenty of time to several minutes of under canopy fun. After you reach the ground you’ll receive a DVD and photos (If purchased) and you will receive a drop off back at your pickup location.

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Maximum weight of 100kgs - Any client over 95kg must be assessed by the Drop Zone Safety Officer on site to determine safety issues due to harness size restrictions and weather conditions. Any passengers weighing over 95kgs are subject to an additional surcharge. 95kg and over - Surcharge of $25 applies 100kg and over - Surcharge of $50 applies

Ticket Details Price
Adults Tandem Skydive up to 7,000ft $219
Tandem Skydive up to 15,000ft $354


Digital Photos 30 to 40 mind blowing still images on CD-Rom, taken as digital grabs from your video $99
Handcam DVD Your tandem master captures every moment of your skydive with a wide angle lens $130
Scenic Helicopter Flight Handcam DVD and 30 - 40 mind blowing still images, from digital grabs of your video $155
Dedicated Digital Photos 40 to 50 high quality, 8.5 mega-pixel photos. $149
Dedicated DVD Dedicated cameraman films while flying with you in free fall offering 360 degree views. $174
Scenic Helicopter Flight Dedicated DVD and 40 to 50 high quality, 8.5 mega-pixel photos. $214
Executive Package Dedicated DVD, handcam DVD, 50 digital photos and a FREE skydive Tshirt. $304


  • Courtesy Pick-up from Accommodation
  • Experienced Skydiving Instructor

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The below itinerary can change due to tides and weather.

Day 1

Pickup from Your Designated Pickup Point

Enjoy Your Skydive! Times Vary

Experience the thrill of skydiving as well as breathtaking views!

Dropoff at Your Designated Pickup Point

Byron Bay

Enjoy The Special Beaches and Vibe Of This Coastal Town

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